What oneworld will offer

22 September 1998

The key elements of oneworld™

oneworld is a global brand alliance among five of the world's leading airlines.

oneworld carriers will make it as easy as possible for passengers to connect between one another's flights, effectively creating a worldwide route network that will make global travel more convenient for consumers.

oneworld airlines also intend to enhance existing co-operation in the field of frequent flyer programmes, enabling them in particular to provide more opportunities for mileage awards, wider recognition for top-tier customers and access to more airport clubs and lounges.

oneworld is not a code-sharing alliance, although some oneworld members already code-share with one another, and others may code-share with one another in the future, outside the oneworld agreement.

While it does not specifically apply to cargo activities, the airlines involved are working on a series of initiatives to enable them to offer improved services to their freight and mail customers.

oneworld is about people, not planes

oneworld will provide an unprecedented level of support to travellers through highly-trained employees both on the ground and in the air.

Comprehensive training programmes are being launched today, to ensure customer service staff are equipped to provide oneworld services and care to passengers from all oneworld carriers from the time the new benefits are introduced.

Employees will have ready access to oneworld reference material, with information contained in the computer reservations systems of each partner airline. A help desk will act as the central source of information for employees when enquiries can't be handled immediately.

oneworld will offer superior, seamless service

Each oneworld partner already has a reputation for excellence in customer service both in its home region and globally.

The oneworld airlines' route networks and schedules complement one another. oneworld will connect these networks to deliver "seamless service" to the customer.

oneworld will raise the standards of global air travel and make it simpler and more convenient by effectively providing a worldwide route network and global customer support.

Smoother airport connections, and the intention to enhance opportunities to earn mileage awards through frequent flyer programmes, and provide reciprocal access to lounges mean oneworld customers will gain more rewards, greater recognition, and better value.

The oneworld brand is about bringing people together

The name oneworld and the oneworld logo represent togetherness and unity. They reflect who we are and what we are doing - airlines working together to bring the peoples of the world closer together.

The simple logo was designed to be easy to spot in crowded airports, and a symbol of worldwide support for oneworld customers.

The business case for oneworld

In today's global economy, customers want to travel worldwide, which makes it harder and harder for any one airline to "go it alone".

Since it is not practical or economical for any one carrier to build a route network that encompasses the entire globe, airlines must form relationships with other carriers to help them expand their networks to remain competitive.

Some of the world's largest airlines have expanded their global networks by forming relationships with other major carriers, creating a competitive advantage over airlines that don't have brand alliances.

oneworld's long-term strategy

We expect other airlines with the proper geographic and product fit to join oneworld as time progresses, enabling us to build the world's leading airline brand alliance.

Launching something completely new like this is a complicated matter, requiring coordination between the airlines involved. We think it is sensible to get it off the ground with a handful of participating airlines and then add more later, but we will not speculate about which other airlines might join in the future.